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12 Seater open bodied Charabanc

It is with regret that the Tours of Olde Norwich will cease on July 23rd 2016

Take a trip back to the nineteen twenties on a Charabanc.

An ideal way to access the historic buildings in the narrow medieval back streets of Norwich, some distance from the centre and missed by other tours. The tour guide has extensive local knowledge and gives a personal talk on the history and details of the famous landmarks of this remarkable city.

With an open small vehicle you have a superb opportunity to see and photograph the many historic buildings with the advantage of a mobile viewing platform, while you remained seated. The tour covers sights not seen by other tours and lingers for a closer look.

The Historic buildings in Norwich are not in one compact district but spread over a very wide area and it would take hours and about 5 miles walking to cover all of them. The charabanc sightseeing tour is an ideal and fairly quick way to see all the sights and especially ideal for those with walking difficulties. The charabanc now carries a portable wheelchair loading ramp and can carry a wheelchair.

Try something different on your visit to Norwich.

But don't take our word for it! Check out the feedback and comments provided by fellow happy travellers!

29th July 2015

"Dear Mr. Agombar,

We would like to thank you very much for the outstanding tour through Norwich yesterday afternoon. I never ever had a guide, which had a such complete knowledge about an object, he had to talk about, and did it in a such incomparable manner as you did it. Thank you very much again.

I would be very grateful if you would be so kind, to send me the written informations, you had on the tour.


Jurgen Nuding"

"On Saturday 3rd August 2013 I joined the Tour outside the Castle at about 2pm. There was an older couple who also joined.

I enjoyed a really interesting and different tour. Your tour is miles away from the boring formula of the large commercially operated tour buses, with their recorded commentary. The driver's knowledge makes for a very entertaining and informing tour. The ability of being able to reverse the bus down a towpath, or stop it down a side street so that we can get off and admire a bridge is just brilliant and marks it out as very unique. In fact, I've decided that wherever I am from now, I will always seek out the private tour operator.

The reason I write is because as we drove down a cobbled street the driver suddenly exclaimed 'Oh there's Michael Portillo' and sure enough, he was busy filming an episode of 'Great British Railway Journeys'. The driver helped Micael with a question about Elizabeth Fry, whose image of course is on the reverse of a five pound note. I've just caught up with the broadcast episode which was on 27 January. It brought back to me what a brilliant Tour you operate.

I'm not sure yet if I can visit Norwich this year, but if I do, I'm definitely having a repeat tour.

I'm away to write a glowing TripAdvisor review.


The tour restarts as a regular bus service from Easter until October but it is available by prior arrangement for private hire, promotions etc.

Please phone the Tour Guide on: 07917 664472, or contact by e-mail tour@oldenorwich.co.uk for more details.

Sightseeing flyer for more information.

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